Los Angeles : Private Label Semi-Custom Collection

Our LA Suite was influenced by the unmistakable look of American traditional tattoos and loud, guitar-driven rock n’ roll music. The design is anchored by a heart and flanked with swallows adorning a banner that declares the details of your wedding day. We tied it all together with traditional dots and stars to add depth and texture that can only be achieved through the letterpress process. The LA Suite strikes the perfect balance between edgy and playful, so Grandma won’t be too pissed.

For the finest American Traditional style tattoos on the East Coast, or anywhere for that matter, check out the work of our friend and tattooer Myke Chambers.


Shown in:

  • Size: Square – 5.75″ x 5.75″ 
  • Paper: Crane Lettra #110 in Pearl White 
  • Ink: Jet Black and Scarlett
  • Envelope: Sungold Yellow

Starting at $835  for Three Piece Suite of 75 in 2 colors.

Inquiry about color availability here. Custom colors available for additional fee.

Learn more about our 30% off for being the 1st.


Los Angeles : Style Guide

Our style guides are inspirational boards to help stimulate your mind for your wedding. These are just ideas that were inspired by each wedding suite. Let them be your muse!

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(From Left to Right, Top to Bottom) 1. Sunglasses created by Dita Florita and picture courtesy of Rock and Roll Bride. 2. Rock Candy Martini courtesy of The Sweetest Temptations. 3. Los Angeles Invitation designed by Paisley Dog Press. 4. Wedding Dress designed by the Couture Company. 5. Mini cake courtesy of Rock and Roll Bride and photographed by Emma Lucy Photography. 6. Converse Shoes photographed by Chelsea Nicole.

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