Finishing Touches

Invitations are the sneak peak for your wedding, so why not incorporate one final touch that will entice your guests of what’s to come. We offer a variety of finishing touches that will truly make your invitations one of a kind. All options are customizable to suit your personal style, whether it’s metallic gold edges that complement your jewelry or a map of your home state that lines your envelopes.

Edge Painting

Cobalt Blue Edge Painting

An old art form that began with artists dressing up books with gold leaf and illustrations to easily spot the book when edges faced outward. Today, we have created a modern twist by using neons, metallics, and custom Pantone color matching to make your invitations pop. To make things really interesting choose a contrasting or complementary color that’s not used in your invitation to add more dimension to the suite.




Belly Band

Monogram Belly Band

Like fashion belts, Belly Bands accessorize and accentuate the look of your ensemble. They are primarily used to hold all your wedding stationery pieces together, but they also help to establish and communicate your wedding theme to your guests. This is a great place to experiment with materials and design elements. We can help you “tie the look together” using a paper band, ribbon band with printed accent, or another combination of materials.





Calligraphy Addressing

Calligraphy can add elegance or whimsy to your suite, and we offer calligraphy services through an extensive network of talented artists. From delicate script to modern, hand-rendered type, our partners have a wide variety of styles to choose from. If you’ve already enlisted the services of a calligrapher, we’re happy to work directly with them too.





Envelope Liner


Envelope Liner for Custom Suite

Adorn your envelopes with liners that coordinate with your invitation design! A liner can add another design element to your suite while adding an extra layer of padding, making the envelope more opaque. Choose a custom design or use other non-traditional materials like old maps, wallpaper, wrapping paper, foil, etc. Let your imagination run wild!





Pocket Folds

Tri-Fold Pocket Fold

Pocket Folds are like an inner envelope for your wedding suite, enclosing all your pieces together. If you have 4 or more pieces, a pocket fold is the way to go because you don’t want all those pieces moving around in the mail. The invitation is adhered to the pocket fold, while your additional pieces will slide nicely into the attached pocket. Our pocket folds can come in a wide variety of colors. You want Tiffany Blue, we will get you Tiffany Blue.




#220 Stock

#220 for that extra ooomf!

When looking for invitations, companies will throw around 1 ply and 2 ply options. Do you really know what that means? At Paisley Dog Press everything comes standard in our lettra cotton paper. However, if you want a thicker, more robust paper, you can print on our #220 stock paper. It is still made out of cotton paper from recycled jeans just with a little more umph. Want an even bigger kick, imagine edge painting on this paper? Wow!

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