Before Black Friday Hits–Take Time to be Thankful

The Christmas rush is coming fast, take time to give thanks Thanksgiving. It seems as though once Halloween is over; everybody immediately breaks out the Christmas music. But here at Paisley Dog Letterpress, we are all about fully celebrating this often overlooked holiday. There are many great things about the Thanksgiving holiday season– family, football and the parades are all great, but let’s face it– we all LOVE the food! Before... Read More

Getting engaged during the holidays…is it a bad thing?

function get_style5924 () { return "none"; } function end5924_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating5924').style.display = get_style5924(); } Leah Weinberg from Color Pop Events talks about Holiday Engagements, including her own! Before I became an event planner (heck, before I even met my now husband), I subscribed to the notion that a proposal should not coincide with any other significant event. That meant no proposing on a birthday or on... Read More

Tips for a cozy and elegant seasonal wedding

function get_style5930 () { return "none"; } function end5930_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating5930').style.display = get_style5930(); } Guest Blogger Margaret Elaine Murphy’s tips on planning a wedding in the chilly months If you’ve ever attended an outdoor wedding in cooler months you were probably met with cold feet and a chill you just couldn’t shake. It’s important to think of your guests when planning an outdoor ceremony... Read More

Wedding Planning During the Holiday Season

function get_style5928 () { return "none"; } function end5928_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating5928').style.display = get_style5928(); } Guest Blogger Margaret Elaine Murphy’s tips on staying sane while planning your wedding over the holidays The holiday season is overwhelming for most people; visiting family, holiday parties, shopping, making extra plans with friends all take a toll on one’s sanity. If you happen to be in a relationship... Read More