Oscar Fashion & Letterpress

function get_style6183 () { return "none"; } function end6183_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating6183').style.display = get_style6183(); } The Paisley Dog Letterpress Team Dishes on Oscar Fashion Trends & How they Translate to the World of Letterpress Stationery… We took a look some of the fashion from the Red Carpet Sunday night, and chose some of the stand outs, and some that made us say “what was she thinking?” We... Read More

Affordable Corporate Event Centerpieces

function get_style6039 () { return "none"; } function end6039_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating6039').style.display = get_style6039(); } Guest Post from The Arrangement Floral Design Our corporate event arrangement was inspired by Paisley Dog Press’ fabulous Neon Geometric card. We wanted to create something with bold bright color and an interesting geometric shape. When we create holiday décor for our corporate clients we try to stay... Read More

Getting engaged during the holidays…is it a bad thing?

function get_style5924 () { return "none"; } function end5924_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating5924').style.display = get_style5924(); } Leah Weinberg from Color Pop Events talks about Holiday Engagements, including her own! Before I became an event planner (heck, before I even met my now husband), I subscribed to the notion that a proposal should not coincide with any other significant event. That meant no proposing on a birthday or on... Read More

Leah Weinberg: Confessions from a Former E-Card Sender

function get_style5883 () { return "none"; } function end5883_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating5883').style.display = get_style5883(); } The digital revolution may have sounded the death knell for a lot of printed products, like magazines, newspapers, and even party invitations (hello, paperless post!), but no matter how online our culture gets, there are still some items that people just want to be able to hold in their hands; and cards... Read More