PA Dutch Traditions: Groundhog Day

An early spring or six more weeks of winter? Groundhog Day is a Pennsylvania German custom originating from southeastern and central Pennsylvania. The holiday, traditionally celebrated on February 2nd, has become widely recognized since it was first adopted in the U.S. in 1887, especially after the widespread attention it got after the 1993 film Groundhog Day was released. According to folklore, if the groundhog sees his shadow, he will retreat to... Read More

Before Black Friday Hits–Take Time to be Thankful

The Christmas rush is coming fast, take time to give thanks Thanksgiving. It seems as though once Halloween is over; everybody immediately breaks out the Christmas music. But here at Paisley Dog Letterpress, we are all about fully celebrating this often overlooked holiday. There are many great things about the Thanksgiving holiday season– family, football and the parades are all great, but let’s face it– we all LOVE the food! Before... Read More

It’s almost DAD’s day, What should he get?! LETTERPRESS!

function get_style6867 () { return "none"; } function end6867_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating6867').style.display = get_style6867(); } Happy Almost Father’s Day from Paisley Dog Letterpress! You’ve got two days to figure it out, so what should you do for Dad?! How about day free from normal cook out or BBQ-ing duties? Why not throw him a backyard BBQ, and have everyone in the family pitch in so that Dad doesn’t have... Read More

Will you be our Valentine?

function get_style6685 () { return "none"; } function end6685_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating6685').style.display = get_style6685(); } Paisley Dog Letterpress is ready for the most lovable holiday of the year We have to admit that we’re kind of old saps when it comes to valentine’s day. It’s not only the love that we feel, but the candy we eat that satisfies our cravings throughout the month. This holiday also features... Read More

Let’s Talk about the Pantone Colors of the Year

function get_style6600 () { return "none"; } function end6600_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating6600').style.display = get_style6600(); } Pastels, pastels, pastels galore! For the first time, there is a blending of two colors that make up the PANTONE Color(S) of the year, and they are quite the drastic change from last years rich flavor, Marsala:                 They are expected to be used most... Read More

Movie Classics Holiday Greeting Cards & Coasters

function get_style6545 () { return "none"; } function end6545_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating6545').style.display = get_style6545(); } The only holiday cards you’ll want to send this year are from our Movie Classics Collection. Get a smile from the promise of Ralphie from The Christmas Story shooting his eye out, or Old Man Parker’s love for his award-worthy leg lamp. Or perhaps you’ll want to send Grandma a more sentimental... Read More

Oscar Fashion & Letterpress

function get_style6183 () { return "none"; } function end6183_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating6183').style.display = get_style6183(); } The Paisley Dog Letterpress Team Dishes on Oscar Fashion Trends & How they Translate to the World of Letterpress Stationery… We took a look some of the fashion from the Red Carpet Sunday night, and chose some of the stand outs, and some that made us say “what was she thinking?” We... Read More

Winter Critters – 2014 Holiday Roundup

function get_style5743 () { return "none"; } function end5743_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating5743').style.display = get_style5743(); } In case you didn’t know… we love animals! Obviously we are dog people, our company was named after our pups, but we are constantly drawing inspiration from all¬† of nature’s creatures. Our 2014 holiday cards are no exception, featuring a sly fox and the classic red cardinal. The newest... Read More

2014 Letterpress Holiday Collection: Sneak Peek

function get_style5757 () { return "none"; } function end5757_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating5757').style.display = get_style5757(); } WE ARE SO READY FOR THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SEASON!!! How about you? Even though Halloween just ended and the Thanksgiving season is upon us (don’t forget to scoop up your very own Hand Turkey art print), we just can’t help but be in holiday mode already. While printing our 2014 Holiday collection... Read More

I Love You More!

function get_style4111 () { return "none"; } function end4111_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating4111').style.display = get_style4111(); } Our 2014 line of Valentines greeting cards are now in stock! Saint Valentine’s Day, more commonly known now as Valentine’s Day, was originally named after Christian¬†martyrs called Valentine in the early ADs. What started as a feast day to pay tribute to the Saint Valentine has now become... Read More