Take Action! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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A Cancer Survivor’s Story

function get_style5735 () { return "none"; } function end5735_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating5735').style.display = get_style5735(); } Meet Beth: A Breast Cancer Survivor I remember the phone call like it was yesterday. Three weeks after my baseline mammogram, my doctor calls me, saying they saw something suspicious. He said you need to come in, see a surgeon, and have a biopsy. So on Monday I go in and they do a needle aspiration. He... Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness Note Cards

function get_style5552 () { return "none"; } function end5552_ () { document.getElementById('abbreviating5552').style.display = get_style5552(); } October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month As the leaves start to turn during the month of October, you will also notice another color popping up, from the grocery store to the football field….PINK! Cancer has touched the lives of everyone in some way, whether through a loved one, friend, family member... Read More