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How to make Valentine’s Day special for everyone!

To love or to be loved is a question we’ve all asked ourselves and Valentine’s Day is a moment where you can experience both. Remember, love isn’t just about finding your soulmate; it’s about spending quality time with ALL your loved ones: family, friends, crushes, and yourself. Valentine’s Day can be a great way to celebrate life, love, and all the important people around you. Below are some fun ideas to make Valentine’s Day memorable for you and your special other.

  • Avoid the restaurant rush and stay in to cook a cozy Valentine’s dinner for two. Few things bring you closer as a couple or feel more nurturing than making food for a loved one.
  • Take a look at love from an artistic perspective at a local art museum. These places tend to be quiet and contemplative, great if you really just want to spend time together in a quiet space.
  • Come Happy Hour or even earlier, have you and your partner try spending the evening testing your hands at mixology. Pick up some alcoholic beverages and mixers, then experiment with different combos to your heart’s desire.
  • Hit the gym together. If your loved one is more the outdoorsy type, plan an excursion. Whether it’s a long walk, a bike ride, a hike or some cross-country skiing, find a way to enjoy the winter sunshine, fresh air and each other

Finding yourself alone on Valentine’s Day can leave you feeling a bit sad. Maybe you’re single by choice or maybe you’re just happily waiting for the right person, but that doesn’t make Valentine’s Day any less awkward and awful. Below are some ideas to make the day special.

  • Pamper yourself at the Spa. Take advantage of all the “me-time” you’re getting by indulging in a massage or mani-pedi.
  • Know someone who would love to take a night off from parent duties to spend some quality time with their partner? Offer to watch their kids for the night since you don’t have any plans. They’ll probably even pay you.
  • Interested in taking up yoga? Want to learn how to dance ballet? Wish you could cook risotto? Challenge yourself to do something you haven’t done before or seldom get to do because of your schedule.
  • Gather your friends for an Anti-Valentine’s Day party!




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