The time is near for a New Year… and drinks!

Celebrating another year with love, happiness and cheer.

It’s hard to believe, but we have almost survived 2016. Whether you’re headed to a New Year’s Eve party or staying at home to watch the ball drop, we’re sure that you’ve got celebratory New Year’s drinks on your mind. From beer to fancy cocktails to the classic champagne, we’ve got your list of the most popular drinks to try for your New Year’s celebration.


  • Spiked Hot Cocoa. Almost everyone likes hot cocoa. When you add coffee and Irish cream flavored liquor to your cocoa, you have a delicious drink for New Year’s. Add marshmallows and a drizzle of chocolate syrup to the top and you have a delicious and festive drink.
  •  A New Year’s Themed Cocktail. With so many options for cocktails, we found a list of 10 interesting New Year’s Cocktails (a few of them can be seen in the above image) for you to try.
  • Spiked Punch. If you are having a New Year’s party, spiked punch is the perfect party drink to have on the table. Most often a red punch, though it can be a variety of colors, and typically with vodka or rum thrown in, spiked punch is a party favorite. Be sure to provide a non alcoholic version for those people who are not drinking.
  • Champagne. A staple at all great celebrations, a good bottle of bubbly will make a lasting impression on all that attend the party.

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Have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy start to 2017 from our PDP family to yours!

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