The Bark Magazine

Dogs and letterpress, they go together like peaches and cream. At least that seems to be the case for many letterpress studios around the country.

The Bark magazine contacted us a few months back about an article they were writing on dogs and the letterpress shops they love. I guess our shop was a natural fit considering our name and logo are based around our love of our furry companions. We jumped at the chance to show off our pups (well not really pups anymore, but you get the picture). Check out this fantastic magazine and all those super cute doggies!

Pick up your copy of the November/December magazine for the full feature article –

Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. your prints are incredible. the dog prints show life and realism. loved the article to… glad you guys got the exposure. here at we loved the idea of dog sharing houses. so many times we go on vacation and we want our pets to be comfortable and loved. what a great idea. but back to the prints, you are going in my favorites… great job!

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