Martha Stewart Show

Outside Martha Stewart Studios

Martha Stewart is a good thing! Etsy is a good thing! Paisley Dog Press is a good thing! On April 26th Martha Stewart hosted an Etsy inspired show. The show was all about Etsy and its sellers.  It included  interviews with Etsy’s vice president of marketing, Matt Stinchcomb & Etsy’s merchandising specialist Emily Bidwell, an all-Etsy fashion show (with handmade, vintage, kid and pet items) and two crafting how-tos by Etsy sellers. You can check out the show and the Etsy sellers on the Martha Stewart website.

It's A Good Thing Print!!

Our own Janelle Paisley was there to represent Paisley Dog Press with a limited addition letterpress print in lemon yellow and ocean blue. The letterpress print is also available in hot pink and ocean blue and both can be found at our Etsy shop.

Janelle had lots to say about her Martha Stewart adventure!  I headed out bright and early to meet up with fellow Etsy sellers and my partners-in-crime for the day, Kim & Chris, from the wildly popular Rogue Theory. My favorite part of the day was seeing all of the behind the scenes action. It is an amazing production, with hundreds of people, cameras, sets, and all of this while the poor folks at Martha Stewart tried to wrangle 150 creative people with all of their handmade goods…after taping another show earlier in the day! Even with all the excitement (and trying to make sure I was smiling, keeping my hair under control in the rain, and fighting to stay warm in a dress meant for the summer weather we had been having the week before the show) I did manage to snap a few shots of all the action. All in all it was a long, but incredibly fun day and I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks Martha!!!

Set Crew hustling and bustling to get ready for Martha

THE Martha Stewart!






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