PDP Helps Boy Scouts Earn Merit Badges

Our craft is getting close to 600 years old, so it is really cool to be able to participate in exposing kids to letterpress printing. Last week I jumped at the chance to help out our friends at the .918 Club in Lancaster as they hosted 30+ Boy Scouts attempting to earn their Merit Badges in Graphic Arts.

Hey…Where’s the @ symbol in this type case?

Your mom is going to be really mad if you get this on your shirt!

What an awesome experience. The kids were split up into two groups so one half could receive a history lesson, while the other half worked with us in the print studio. Each Scout got their own type case, set a line of type with their name, proofed the type, locked up their type in the chase and printed off 50 small 3″x5″ correspondence/note sheets. The printing was done on some C&P pilot presses, these are table top presses with lever arms. Most kids thought this was really cool until print 15-20, then it seemed the history lesson started to sink in a little as they began to reflect on how things were once done. These guys were raised on computers so it’s only natural for letterpress to be completely alien.

No..You lock it up!

Everyone passed and no one lost a finger, got ink in their eye, or slipped any cuss words through the press. At least I think so…..


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